We remove, haul and dispose of junk from homes, construction sites and businesses. From single items to multiple truck loads, we can remove almost anything! Below are the simple steps of how it works.

Step 1 - Call ihaul at 778-926-7272 or 1-888-ihaul-88 (1-888-442-8588).

Step 2 - Accept an approximate price estimate over the phone with possible adjustment on site; Or, make an appointment for a free on-site estimate.

Step 3 - Prepare your load for ihaul. See right for more information.

Step 4 - Call ihaul to confirm load is ready.

Step 5 - ihaul arrives, makes a price adjustment (if required), picks up your junk and you pay.

Step 6 - ihaul disposes of your junk at the dump or donates useable items to local charities.

Go with the Green Guys
Your future is clean...

Our basic 13.5 yard At-the-Curb service requires that you get the load ready for us before we arrive. That is one of the reasons why our prices are so low.

Tips on how to prepare the load for ihaul:

  • Flatten all cardboard, bundle in manageable piles and tie with string.
  • Place similar items into separate piles:
  • Recyclables
    Car batteries
    Propane tanks
    Flammable items
    Green waste
  • Keep any items that are detonatable in a separate pile.
  • Unpainted lumber without nails, sealers, rot treatment and under 6 ft is recyclable so please separate.
  • Painted lumber with nails, sealers, rot treatment and under 6 ft must be put in the dump.
  • Any lumber over 6 ft will have an extra charge. To avoid this charge, cut your lumber to under 6 ft.
  • Double bag any insulation.
  • Place any broken glass and sharp items in a strong container and let us know about these items. We don't want any accidents.
  • Make sure your load is kept dry to avoid extra weight charge.
  • Make sure your items are conveniently located for loading. When possible put all junk to be removed in one spot. Extra charges may apply for loads that are located great distances from the loading point or that take extra time to load.