100% FREE Service for removal of ALL items made mostly of Metal, Appliances and Electronics.

Trying to figure out the cost? Check the rate table below and illustration to your right for a rough idea. We will confirm the price with you before removing your junk. For a free in home estimate call us today.

Junk Volume Rate *
Minimum charge (non-metal) $40
1/4 Load $100
1/2 Load $150
3/4 Load $200
Full Load $250

* These are typical rates for normal loads. Extra charges may apply (see "Other Charges" to the right).

We take Visa, Mastercard, cash and money order. No cheques please (with some expections).

Special Deals and Discounts

  • We may honour competitor's discount coupons.
  • Discounts for seniors may apply.
  • Tell a friend and receive 20% off your next full load.

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Service Rates Illustrated

5 minutes load time included
15 minutes load time included
30 minutes load time included
45 minutes load time included
1 hour load time included

How weight affects service rate: When ihaul drops your junk off at the dump they are charged a fee based on the weight of your junk. This weight charge is usually around $45 on a typical full load (see full load example). Items that add a lot of extra weight to your load include steel, concrete, logs, hide away couches, many appliances, commercial furniture, many boxes of books, water (10 lbs per gallon), wet lumber, asphalt roofing, gravel.

How load time affects service rate: Our minimum charge includes 5 minutes of load time, 1/4 load includes 15 minutes, 1/2 load includes 30 minutes, 3/4 load includes 45 minutes and full load includes 1 hour. An extra charge may apply if the load time exceeds these limits. Extra time is charged based on factors such as; an inconvenient loading location, oversize or overweight items that require extra time to load.

How distance affects service rate: Extra charges may apply for loads that are at distances greater than 50 kms from North Vancouver and for loads that are located great distances from the initial loading point.

How size of junk item affects service rate: An extra charge may apply for oversize junk items that require special equipment to load.

Tires: An extra $10.00 per tire will apply.

These examples are only approximate. Please make an appointment today to receive a free estimate at your site.